A Week Later My Arm In A Sling Lyrics

Song Details: A Week Later My Arm In A Sling Lyrics. The name of the song is Crazy Story, Pt. 3 which is sung by King Von

A Week Later My Arm In A Sling Lyrics

Oh, yeah, I’m finna make a banger with this
Huh, what?
DJ on the beat, so it’s a banger

[Verse 1]
Now here it go
I just made it home, missed calls on my phone
See, I been gone
Was tryna hit a lick but that s just went wrong
I got a thot
She right off the block, her crib be the spot
And we got Glocks
Tucked all in the s, don’t come unless you knock
But this b grimy
Told her ’bout this n, helped me set him up
And she was with it
She just want some shoes and she ain’t give no f
So we do that
I was at his neck, creepin’ from the back
But saw the opps and had to let ’em have it
How f up is that?
But where that b ?
She ain’t called me yet, we did that at six
And who got hit?
I know someone, check ’cause King Von, he don’t miss
Now two weeks pass
I’m back on my grind, I can’t waste no time
The opps been quiet
They be woofin’, though, but them n not slidin’
And I been high
I can’t even lie, that thot been on my mind
Why she ain’t called?
I ain’t seen her as , I hope that she aight
Now it’s midnight
I’m hittin’ some blocks, just me and my Glock
Came to a stop
I’m at a red light, I usually don’t stop
My phone keep ringing
Just a ho, of course, this b prolly bored
I press ignore
I ain’t got no time, a whore gon’ be a whore
Now I get that feelin’
Something ain’t right, I look to my right
And I’m like, damn
There go that flexing n , he wavin’ his pipe
He get to dumpin’
Bullets get to coming, my heart get to thumpin’
I feel something
My left shoulder hot, blood just get to gushing
I’m like s , ain’t this ’bout a b ?
And he with that b
I got a glimpse
She got them big lips that’s made for sucking d
Now it makes sense
That ho set me up, that lil’ dirty slut
The double cross
Tryna get me caught like I’m Randy Moss
Ah, s
I just dropped my gun, plus I got one arm
I’m tryna drive
I can’t shoot back now, this man on my as
I almost crashed
But I got the wheel, he tryna kill for real
But there go twelve
He bust a quick right and I just bust a left

[Interlude: King Von & O’Block Louie]
Aw, s
What the f , gang, you good?
Damn, my shoulder
You know this b be f ‘ with me, gang
Damn, man, finish tellin’ me about that s that was crackin’ off last week with them n and s
Aw, yeah, aw, yeah, look
Now this what happened

[Verse 2]
A week later
My arm in a sling, I been sippin’ lean
Pure codeine
I don’t feel a thing, my ho say I’m mean
I need a blunt
Stuff that b with Runtz, boy, I’m on a hunt
And ain’t no breakfast
But I’m a box a n , like some Cap’n Crunch
I got a tip
That that thot b be on 75th
Right off Cottage
With her best friend, gettin’ her hair did
I’m like cool
Finna make my move, post up what I do
This b a fool for tryna play me out
Like this s was cool
Now it’s like two
Catch her walkin’ out, her new hairstyle blue
And she look cute
But that mean s to me, I crept up then I boomed
And that was that
Now I’m running back, I stop in my tracks
There go that Porsche
How crazy is that? Boy, I’m on his as
The first blast
It shatter his glass, damn, this n fast
He hit the gas
I’m still shootin’ at him, but I’m too far back
Damn, I’m hyped
Let me tuck this pipe, get up out of sight
‘Cause I see lights
And them b bright, can’t go to jail for life
So I take flight
Made it to the hood, everything went good
Knock on wood
Flame me up a ‘Wood, Tooka smellin’ good
Looked at my phone
Got a text from Herb, he say, “What’s the word?”
I say, “s, I’m just coolin’, b
I’m not from 63rd”

b , we not from 63rd
Stretch gang put in work

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