After That Things Began To Slip Out Of Grip Lyrics

Song Details: After That Things Began To Slip Out Of Grip Lyrics. The name of the song is You’re Too Young which is sung by Lucy Spraggan.

After That Things Began To Slip Out Of Grip Lyrics

[Verse 1]
She was so clever for her age as a kid
She took pride in everything she ever said and did
She was born as an angel
Ticked every box in the list
How could someone so beautiful end up like this?
She was bought up in an everyday council estate
Had friends and family who were never too far away
Even as a kid she’d sometimes lose her temper
And if attentions being given
Guaranteed she’s in the centre
School was a struggle
Result of her behaviour
Excluded for the fights
The same a few days later
Cause when she got angry, she’d flip, see red
“You’re too pretty for the violence,” her mum always said
She had high aspirations
She was chasing the dream
Until her first conviction at the age of fourteen
She nearly killed a girl just for looking the wrong way
Smashed her head so hard against the ground
She was unconscious for days
Passers by stop to witness the torture
While she stamped on the head of a policeman’s daughter
No remorse, for the course, of a Magistrate’s court
If was everybody else’s fault of course
What you doin’ with your night?
You’re too young to ruin your life
What you doin’ with your life?
You’re too young to die tonight

[Verse 2]
After that things began to slip out of grip
And her grades were failing but she didn’t give a sh^t
She was top dog at school
And all the girls were scared
And when she walked through the corridors all the boys stared
She craved to be wanted, she didn’t care how
She wanted everything including this guy Ben she liked now
He was 19, liked fighting and smoking the green
He was a dealer had a beamer
She thought he was a dream
She got his number, “are you OK?”
Text back, Chelsea Price
It was Monday they agreed to meet up on Friday night
She played it cool
The whole week she wondered what to wear
She planned her jewellery, her make-up, her shoes and her hair
The days went so slow, her school was so boring
But before she knew it it was already Friday morning
She was nervous and scared, but in a good way
She had no idea that it was no ordinary day
When she walked down the stairs, it was seven o’clock
He was coming at eight she had to iron her top
Seven forty five came and she looked gorgeous
Rapunzel let out too early from the fortress

[Verse 3]
She gets in the car says, “Hi,” they drive off
They head to a car park, where he can skin up
She gets into conversation, nods and smiles
And she feels so happy and not even shy
A girl pulls up, she sees Ben and screams
He puts the car in gear and gets ready to leave
This girl gets out of the car and stands in front
She screams, “That’s my f^^king boyfriend, get out you little…”
Chelsea turns to Ben who just shrugs
She don’t believe her
She’s never been scared and she’s not today either
She puts her hand on the door and gets out to fight
She’s angry now this b^^ch has just ruined her night
The two girls clash, hair pulling, fists flying
Chelsea sees blood gushing
The other steps back crying
Chelsea grins as she thinks she’s won
Then she looks at Ben’s face who’s completely stunned
Then there’s a pain in the middle of her stomach
The blood’s on her t-shirt
The other girl starts running
Chelsea’s heart thuds, panic sets in more
As she looks down at the pool of blood
And there’s a knife on the floor

[Verse 4]
She hears tyres screech she’s losing so much blood
Ben’s car’s gone he’s got a boot full of drugs
She lies there eyes wide open facing the sky
Thoughts float out of her mind as she questions why
Her last movements are the tears she’s crying
She thinks about her family as she lies there dying
She’s alone on her own because of the violence
Can’t hear people or friends or help or sirens
She whispers “I’m sorry,” there’s no one on the way
As she returns to an angel, and her soul slips away


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