Bad Girl Called Emily Fumez the Engineer Lyrics

Song Details: Bad Girl Called Emily Fumez the Engineer Lyrics. The name of the song is Plugged In Parody which is sung by ZDotss.

Bad Girl Called Emily Fumez the Engineer Lyrics

Yo, Charlie, I like this one
My broski Fumez, come on
Gang sh^t, Plugged In, come on, if you know, you know
Let’s go
Ay, Menvce, what you saying?

Bad girl called Emily (Emily)
Jump in my Ferrari
Chilling with my broskis (Yeah)
Playing football, penalty
When I go to Maccy D’s
Then I look at Stephanie, you slag (Slag)
I left you then I went for a shag
Went to the gym, now, I got a 6 pack (Young sh^t)
You have a mum but a younger dad
We did bang bang then I broke your bed
Oh sh^t (Yes), oh sh^t, oh sh^t
She broke the bed you b^^ch
You b^^ch, you b^^ch, you broke your bed
Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram (Yes)
Your dad left then he ran (Yes)
Your mum looks like elephant
I’m in school, I’m intelligent
Oh sh^t, oh sh^t, oh sh^t (Yes)
I’m a fighter (Gang sh^t), where’s the lighter
Broski, let’s do an all nighter
Shoot your nan with my sniper (Skee)
You b^^ch (Gang sh^t)

Fumez The Engineer

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