He Wanna Fight I Wanna Tussle Lyrics

Song Details: He Wanna Fight I Wanna Tussle Lyrics. The name of the song is Address It which is sung by Lpb Poody

He Wanna Fight I Wanna Tussle Lyrics

B i got it off the muscle
You wanna fight, I wanna tussle
Uh, I’m talkin bout’
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
I see the p boy ain’t learn his lesson
Ain’t no location but I’m gon’ address it
Cause how I feel it’s time to go to steppin’
These rappers be so lame but they want fame from the media
Poody, that’s my name, gon check me out wikipedia
I got it off the muscle who the f said I needed ya
I made a name for myself, p boy I don’t need you
You breath how I breath and you bleed how I bleed too
I roll it like a (?) and we gon smoke it like we do
I see these n do they thang but they don’t do it like we do
No ratatouille we got the recipe to get cheese too
Like how the f you suppose leave the streets when they feed you
You gon feel how you feel but don’t let that mislead you
In the (?) my ni chopping trees cause they so scared to leave
(?) all in my cup, cause i be sippin lean
He only tote (?) so make him pop a bean
N always reaching for some clout that shit so green
Imma make em hear me through these headphones
You n speaking on these charges dawg y’all dead wrong
But let a n speak on mark and his head gone
Imma set his as up with my lil redbone

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