Hello My Name Is Susie Tiktok Lyrics

Song Details: Hello My Name Is Susie Tiktok Lyrics. The name of the song is EW which is sung by Baby Kaely

Hello My Name Is Susie Tiktok Lyrics

Seriously? Look at her hair, ew!
I’m trying hard not to stare, ew!
I’m like “what the, what the?”, ew!
Right, right, ew, ew!
Oh, you got to see this, ew!
This girl must be from Venus, ew!
She’s looking really silly and I look like a genius, ya!
This isn’t right! Ew ew!
No look at it look at it! Ew ew!
No look at it look at it! Ew ew!
Oh my gosh! Ew ew!
Her head is such a mess
O.M.G she thinks she’s better than me
She musta lost her mind like seriously lost her mind!
So, I’m gonna tell my mommy and my mommy will tell my daddy
Then my daddy will tell my aunty then we will be like ew ew!
Now she’ll be embarrassed,
What’s embarrassed?
You know fell stupid, ya
I am really for real she think she all that but ew ew!
Who said she could have it?
To me she just look ratchet! Ew!
But seriously though who likes that? Ew!
Right right? Ew ew!
Look at the way she dresses
She always has a necklace, ew!
She’s not cool, she’s breaking all the rules! Ew!
This is just horrible! Ew ew!
Look at it, look at it! Ew ew!
No look at it, look at it! Ew ew!
Oh my gosh! Ew ew!

I am not rude but this girl is not cool
I see her at my school always looking like a fool
But I’m the one who’s fresher than and no one here is better than
I try to show them that I can be cool and be their friend
Then they just laugh and be dying, and on the inside I am crying
I am so hot that I’m frying, now sounds like I’m wining, so
Mirror mirror mirror mirror sat on the wall, please try and make the coolest kid of them all
This girl with the hair better beware cause everywhere she be I’ma be there like…

Hello, my name is Zuzie, that’s Zuzie with a Z
And so I didn’t say Susie originality
My mom told me that I would be the coolest
And if people don’t like then they’ll just be foolish, ya!

Come on, party people
Why don’t we bust a move
You hear that beat bangin hard
Let’s get into the groove
You hear that cranky sound
Let’s move it all around
Let’s stomp the ground, it’s break it down
Look at me while I break it down like… yeah!

Come on, baby… yeah!
Uh-huh, right, baby!
Let’s get it! Yeah!
That’s how you do it, it’s done!

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