I Go By Youngboy And I Zip You Up Lyrics

Song Details: I Go By Youngboy And I Zip You Up Lyrics. The name of the song is FREEDDAWG which is sung by NBA YoungBoy

I Go By Youngboy And I Zip You Up Lyrics

(Drum Dummie)
Aye, Free Choppa Boy
Aye, Free Choppa Boy, bi^ch
RIP Boosilla
(DJ Swift on the track)
RIP Big Dump
(Mook Got the keys jumpin’)

Slime in this pent, bi^ch
bi^ch, I got .45 Glocks and a knife in this bi^ch
I got cutters in the house, I got pounds in this bi^ch
I got hoes runnin’ in and out, slime in this bi^ch

I go by YoungBoy and I’ll zip you up from talking s
These n bi^ches and I know that they ain’t ’bout that s
‘Can’t come how I’m coming, I was a youngin’ when they tried that s
I been knockin’ n off, they never knew it was gonna come to this
bi^ch, I’ve been on some rider s (Let’s go)
I’ll leave ’em dead, got the whole city mad, I zip that boy ’bout what he said
You can stunt like you mad, I put a bag on top of your head (What up)
I was up in the Parish, slept with pink pairs under my bed
‘Cause bi^ch I’m tryna flex something
Do something with all y’all
Soon as we get up on the wall, with my younging, punch his head off
Little bi^ch, I’m out the North Side
I’m bustin’, I won’t stand down
I’ll put the bi^ch up in a casket, fu^k up your headstone
Them n used to run the city
Won’t even claim that bi^ch
Don’t say nothin’ ’cause the s ain’t serious
Don’t make me tame that s
These youngins runnin’ with me with it
They on some dangerous s
Bust and put two in your fitted
I call that ‘gang assist’

Rolling I just popped one
Tryna body-bag and zip something, yeah
Pants hangin’ off my as , Glock on my side with a green flag
Talkin’ reckless, caught him slippin’, went to bustin’, did him bad
Soon as swerve we bend a curb, don’t do no talkin’, that’s your as
I ain’t got no chill, I’m tryna send a bi^ch to Winnfield
Had to show the pussy bi^ch I’ve been that
And bi^ch, I’m still is
I pull up, make a n get back, like what the deal is?
All these pussy bi^ches choosin’ sides like they don’t know ‘real’

Mm, come on, bi^ch uh-uh, let me go, yeah, yeah, bi^ch
I’ll do somethin’ with ya, and I’ll bang it out with ya, hoe as n
Let’s do it, look

Do what you do, I put you on the news, bi^ch, we could fight or shoot
bi^ch, I know these n know it’s murder when I’m comin’ through
bi^ch, I always win, I never lose, we gon’ fu^k over you
You become a victim of the chopper, put ’em on the news (Huh)

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