I Hope You Break Your Neck Lyrics

Song Details: I Hope You Break Your Neck Lyrics.

I Hope You Break Your Neck Lyrics

Run that b , Dezz

I hope you order Dr. Pepper and they give your as Coke
b , I hope you eat two Popeyes biscuits and you choke
I hope one day you just get stranded in the jungle and get raped by an ape
I hope you tryna wrap a present and you can’t find the tape
I hope you go get them new J’s and they turn out to be fake
I hope you win a trip to Africa and choke on a grape
Hope you decide to take a run and get bit by a snake
I hope your nana cook spaghetti and they run out of plates
I hope your boyfriend f your mama and record it
I hope your lil’ brother find washing powder and he snort it
I hope your motor blow out, I hope you catch a blowout
I hope your uncle lose his wallet every time he go out
I hope you break your neck, b , I hope you break your f ’ spinal cord
Hope your lil’ sister fall off her bike and break her handlebars
I hope you cut your hand on some glass
I hope a homeless person beat you up and spit on your as
I hope you go enroll in college and don’t pass your lil’ class
I hope you fall in some gas
I hope your kids get a step daddy and he beat on they as
I hope you fall down some stairs and f your knee up
I hope you get in a fight at Walmart and get beat up

I hope the wind blow your f ’ weave off
I hope your kids catch a heat stroke playing on a seesaw
I hope R. Kelly take you on a date and get you peed on
I hope you die choking on a T-bone
I hope on all your wedding pictures your grandma smile without her f teeth on
I hope you got a stalker and your Snap location be on
I hope your steering wheel lock on the curb and hit a pole
I hope you can’t get out and explode
I hope your grandpa life insurance cancelled
I hope you throw a party, I’ma crash it
I hope you know I really hate your family
I hope your kids end up just like me, without a daddy
I hope for Halloween they give ’em pills that look like candy

b I hope you crash headfirst into a bus full of retarded children
And your car catch on fire from the fluid from the power steering
I hope you never find out who your baby for
And I hope you know I’m serious, I can’t make this up
b , I hope your brother f your sister and get her pregnant
b , I might just post a couple pictures of you naked
b , I hope you wake up and your f ’ dog died
b , I hope your brother get his head bust on Live
b a n , hope you at your BM house and I walk out
b a n , I hope she lick my balls and kiss you in your mouth
b a n , hope she go’n let my dawg knock her off
b a n , send my dawg to steal them TV’s out your house (b )

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