I Just Left Somebody Damn Lyrics

Song Details: I Just Left Somebody Damn Lyrics. The name of the song is Kakashi which is sung by YN Jay

I Just Left Somebody Damn Lyrics

Every single one of us knows how hard you’ve been working lately
And the only mystery is how you keep it up
I don’t know, I don’t like the idea of giving up, I guess
(Ooh, Sav killed it)

Damn, I lost somebody that I loved too
Damn, I had to get it out the mud too
Damn, I’m high as hell off drugs too
When I’m in the club make it rain, make it flood too (Yeah)
Off-White— ah, f^^k
Off-White designer, got the Off-White rug too
Met a new connect, I got an Off-White plug too
You—, ah
Bad b^^ch say we—, ah
Bad b^^ch she she love me, motherf^^ker, I don’t love you
Bad— ah, f^^k
B^^ch say she listen to my music, I show love too
Oh, you is the plug in the city? I got drugs too
Oh you got, drank? I got mud too
If you need some drank right now I can plug you
I’m the plug, n___a
I can tell what’s in those Za’s by the bud, n___a
I can tell she take dirty baths but the tub, n___a
B^^ch I had to get it out the motherf^^kin’ mud, n___a
Damn, I just lost my motherf^^kin’ best friend
B^^ch wanna f^^k, I want your best friend
Well if my girl up, I left my—, ah
I’m show my girl the game, let my b^^ch win
Send her my location—, ah
B^^ch, you better not pull up with your big friend
I’m talkin’ ’bout your fat friend
I ain’t gonna lie, I like chocolate ho’s, where your black friend?
B^^ch, I’m Coochie Man, I’m not Batman
I remember back when I was—, ah
Back in school I never had friends
I smack a b^^ch with my backhand
Backhand a b^^ch, make her tap-dance
Now they look at me like I’m the bad man
I just hit somebody mama, I’m a dad, man
I just left somebody—, damn
I just hit somebody main b^^ch, left her—, damn
I just hit somebody—, left, damn
I just hit somebody main got, got ’em sittin’ at the crib lookin’ sad, man
Got a n___a thinkin’ ’bout the past, man
Got you thinkin’ ’bout what you and this nasty a^s runner b^^ch could’ve had, man (Hahaha, haha)
Oh my bad, this sh^t make me laugh, man
Fell in love with rap, this sh^t make me cash, man
Hold on, let me call DistroKid, pay me cash, man
And I want my money right now, pay me fast, man
Damn, I lost somebody that I loved too

And Sauske
I can’t help but wonder what he would think
If he’ll ever look at me and acknowledge all that I’ve done

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