I Started Selling Coke Back in 1986 Lyrics

Song Details: I Started Selling Coke Back in 1986 Lyrics by Mr. Bigg. The song name is Trial Time which is sung by Mr. Bigg

I Started Selling Coke Back in 1986 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mr. Bigg]
I started selling dope back in 1986
I bought a Cadillac and put them thangs on that b^^h
The brains blowed out with the white leather seats
Fienders screaming for that butter cause that other sh^^ is weak
I was only 17 had the neighborhood hooked
Had ’em stealing out they crib cause my crack taste like ribs
I’m up in the morning with the rest of these rookies
You out here selling them dimes, b^^h I’m out here selling them cookies
I’m flying out of town getting them thangs for 12-5
400 for an ounce and 650 when it’s dry
Pyrex dishes in the motherf^^ing kitchen
Word around town Mr. Bigg got them chickens
That n^^^a bought a house for his ma by the lake
And gave his grandma set of keys to the safe
Them jealous a^^ n^^^as and them hoes started hating
To see my lil’ sister drive a Benz to graduation
I’m tripping on that Hennessey and I’m smoking on them buds
I still got love for them n^^^as selling them dubs
I remember when I use to do the same sh^^
Buy a half-ounce and cut it up and sold the block up
I can’t put my Glock up; my Glock is my ho
And my ho go everywhere I go
Which one of you fake a^^ n^^^as wanna harm me?
I said you better bring the Navy cause I’m gonna bring the Army

[Interlude: Mr. Bigg]
Get yo 12 white folks and take that sh^^ to trial b^^h
Y’all motherf^^ers talking about giving me 20 motherf^^ing years
I got four motherf^^ing lawyers standing right here and we’ll strike this b^^h up
And if that sh^^ don’t work I’ll make y’all b^^hes k^^ me in this motherf^^ing court room
So motherf^^ you, f^^ the judge, f^^ the D.A., and f^^ all you weak a^^ hoes
[Verse 2: Mr. Bigg]
I got to make a plan cause them laws is on my a^^
I just got a bird and I gotta sell it fast
They know about the down payments on my third house
They know about the diamond in my lil’ sister mouth
They know about the Benz and the black Pathfinder
They know about the vacation trip I took to China
They know about the ho I was f^^ing named Cathy
Heard she got busted with a bird in Tallaha^^ee
And now they tryin’ to say that the yay belong to me
I know they trying to get me caught; these n^^^as keep holding they nuts on me
Dickie suits, and bullet proofs, and steel toes
No fake a^^ n^^^as only some real hoes
I pack my sh^^ cause it’s time for me to go
I’m getting tired of em kicking in my ma door
And even though they don’t find sh^^ they talk sh^^
Asking questions saying how the f^^ you bought this sh^^
And how the f^^ you don’t work but drive different cars
We got you on the interstate in a Jaguar

Where that dope and them motherf^^ing guns at?
We’ll let you go if you tell us where yo son at
sh^^, I don’t know nothing: light it up and type it up
And tell the D.A. get ready cause we gon’ strike it up

[Interlude: Mr. Bigg & {Mother}]
{The damn police kicked my door in this morning looking for you boy
Asking me how I bought my house and cars and taking pictures of our sh^^
So you need to go somewhere and hide out for a minute cause it’s hot down here}
Aight mama, I’ll holla atcha

[Verse 3: Mr. Bigg]
I’m down in New Orleans with my auntie and my granny
The clean side of this Mr. Bigg family
They know I’m on the run so I can’t use the phone
My motherf^^ing babies they don’t even know I’m gone
Lent my mama 20,000 for my babies and the bill money
I’m in the attic smoking weed cause I think this sh^^ is still funny
Make ’em k^^ me or turn myself in
sh^^ I’m facing life in the goddamn pen
Tha D.A. wanna see a n^^^a fry
Bringing n^^^as back from the pen to testify
Yeah I bought some guns from him
Yeah he sold me some dope
n^^^as telling on me that I never even seen before
Everybody wanna sell dope and try get rich
Out on the corner just waiting to get indicted
You told on yourself then you told on me
You mighta heard of me but you ain’t never bought no bird from me
p^^y a^^ n^^^as got this game f^^ed up
Telling on n^^^as just to get they time cut
A SKS with a magnifying scope
If you wanna f^^ with me b^^h you better get them white folks

[Outro: Mr. Bigg]
Yeah motherf^^er, you b^^hes thought you could hold a n^^^a like be down baby
But I can’t motherf^^in’ be stopped
It’s gonna take a lot motherf^^in’ white folk to take a n^^^a like me down
b^^h I’m ridin’ with the KVD, RV, Down the Bay, Birdville
And my motherf^^in’ n^^^as off at work

All you hoes and all you n^^^as better
Take that sh^^ to motherf^^ing trial
I say, all you hoes and all you n^^^as better
Take that sh^^ to motherf^^ing trial
All you hoes and all you n^^^as better
Take that sh^^ to motherf^^ing trial
All you hoes and all you n^^^as better
Take that sh^^ to motherf^^ing trial

Take that sh^^ to trial b^^h (x4)

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