I Tried to Please in Relations but I Got Lyrics

Song Details: I Tried to Please in Relations but I Got Lyrics. The name of the song is The Key To A Healthy Relationship which is sung by Immanuel Keen

I Tried to Please in Relations but I Got Lyrics

I try to please your relations but i got f^^ked up
You got to be a di$k to these women to get your luck off
I’m pretty sure if i tell you this then i’m going to get cancelled
But f^^k it cause it’s the truth and i finally found the answer
You got to be darker never show your emotion
And if you sympathize that you do with all your homies
You better not even cry in front of the women they won’t respect you
They’ll tell you to open up with your dude and they gonna neglect you
I promise you’ll be a bi^ch in their eyes and i Know first aid
I played a nice guy for two months
And if you talk to women you’ll never get validation
And if you ever step up it’s only for dedication

Hey ni^^a you gotta stop this what you said I dont rock with
you basing all your feelings off of something that was classic
Waiting all that time to leave you should have been had used that option
now you subject yourself to all that trauma or your conscience
because you got that treatment why these women gotta pay
how come you can’t open up to any queen that comes your way
I don’t got a resolution what the f they supposed to say
Oh baby please don’t trip coz everything’s gon be okay
But now i’m fuc^ed to solve nothing now i show the weakness
A woman wants a ni__a that can battle all his demons
If i can provide that she gonna leave i can’t see
These women are designed to be disloyal I could see

Oh hello man you trippin if she loves you then she down
What the F^^ your ex did to you cause you sound like a clown
What she did was take advantage and respect you in the damage
I’m glad you grew the balls of laughter cause thats how you manage
But dont let your experiance be what the next one get
Can’t let the past be a dictation of the queen you won’t let in
If she real shall know your worth and shall know what you deserve
She’ll do anything to keep you handicapped so make it worse

Oh you ain’t a heartbroke you don’t know how does it feel
You know what? thoughts of suicide is as S^^t as real
I cant do this again bcoz i am tired getting hurt
I deployed that fu^kin sympathy and baby ain’t fulfilled
Man the next girl that i get i swear to god i’m unavailable
Emotionally and verbally we can’t be relatable
I provide the money go to work and give a Di^k
And pray that a baby take her off me if i’m sick
If she with me while i’m fielding you gonna see She won’t commit
Women’s nature is the best not to help you feel the s^^t
Bro you livin in delusion i’ll live in all these fallacies
I was feeling all this its the truth and thats reality

Bro you need some time to heal cause how you think is not the way
You’re the one who said your ex’s pass me your connection tank
Now you being hypocritical and i just cant relate
I just want the very best for you that’s all i’m gonna say.

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