I Wonder If Bloods Watch Blues Clues Lyrics

Song Details: I Wonder If Bloods Watch Blues Clues Lyrics. The name of the song is I wonder if bloods watch blue’s clues (Patty Cake) which is sung by XXXTENTACION.

I Wonder If Bloods Watch Blues Clues Lyrics

Turn the beat up a little bit
Ayy (Yuh), ayy

Patty cake, patty cake
Work my wrist like patty cake
Two white b^^ches like Mary-Kate
N^^ga want beef like patty cake, ayy
Eat my d^^k like sirloin steak
Rape, b^^ch, that’s my fetish, ayy
I don’t speak your language, Rosetta, hmm
Only speak the language of a lettuce, hey
Patty cake, patty cake
You finna get some d^^k today
Drop neck on me like a lynch, b^^ch, limp d^^k
Put it on your daughter and she still caught a nut
Patty cake, patty cake
Nutted on your b^^ch like Jon and Kate
ATL pull up in roller-skates
Work my tongue like a vibrator, ayy

[Interlude: Craig Xen]
Ayy (Ayy), free my n^^ga X, ayy (Yuh), ayy (Yuh), b^^ch (Yuh), hey, yuh (What’s up?), hey, what? (What’s up?)

[Verse 2: Craig Xen]
Patty cake, patty cake
Back-hand, b^^ch, if you ain’t got my pay
Left, right, switched, then my d^^k twitch, oh yeah (Ayy)
Break a n^^ga’s b^^ch like a Kit Kat, ayy, yeah (Uh-huh)
Patty cake, patty cake
N^^ga want beef, I slice fillet, woo
N^^ga got beef, I pull up on the street
Got an M16, that’s heavyweight, woo
Patty cake, patty cake
Pull up ’bout my n^^ga’s pay
Yeah, they got a whole lot of marijuana
Hotbox a hundred like a motherf^^king sauna
K.K. better bring that
A^s on my face ASAP
Let me get a taste, ayy, yuh
Shake it on me, b^^ch, make it clap

[Outro: Craig Xen]
Patty cake, n^^ga
Yeah, shake that motherf^^king a^s, b^^ch
I’m saying bring my motherf^^king money back on time, b^^ch
Yeah, free my n^^ga X, dawg
Bring me back my motherf^^king reg, b^^ch, I ain’t f^^king around with your patty cake looking a^s
Shake them cakes, f^^k-n^^ga

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