If I Popped Some Pills Would You Hold My Hand For My Last Breath Lyrics

Song Details: If I Popped Some Pills Would You Hold My Hand For My Last Breath Lyrics. The name of the song is Letter To My Cousin which is sung by Reggion Foster

If I Popped Some Pills Would You Hold My Hand For My Last Breath Lyrics

You know I love you , you are my brother , we came from nothing , now we are something
Pour me a glass of Hennessey and let my emotions speak / a bottle of coda in the wine glass , watch while I pop some pill / this fame bus, gone drain us , cos we all gotta pay some bills / even though we weep inside , we famous ,we still gotta smile and take some pics /
These lifestyle’s so dangerous , this night life brought pain to us / am Einstein , with a nine 9 life , but its a Monet when they painting us / when PAC died , he was famous , when big died he was famous , then Grin died , in the meantime , we spit rhymes , they rating us /
My cousin wanted a better life / a life full of hope and happiness / lost his parent at a tender age , and his light soon turned to darkness / but what happened next ? Dream came through , regardless / when i got him a pass at Hennessey , olamide felt his madness /

Same day he got a follow back , same day I got a follow back /, My Fam got signed , he bout to leave the hood , I be out here as a solo cat / next day we dropped an EP , and next sh^t was a photograph / Thanksgiving ,on Sunday , and all praise to the most high /
But thank God , things change , hoping one day , its my turn / all he do was call to check on me , and pray for me, that I stand tall / hang out in hotel rooms , make rap music’s and dancehalls / I forgot he’s a star now , and what else would I ask for /

But I was selfish , careless , i felt that , I deserved more / he picked new ni^^as , over me , if I call now , he would bang calls / remember one night , I was bounced out, in front of him, at a night club / cos I wanna see , my cousin , we had issues , then he act tough /
When I drop song, he wave them , more reason , I felt he upgraded / I tagged him on several post and mention him , to be updated / no shout out, on radio tours and that sh^t got me faded / I blackout most times, its backlash from my parent /
One day, in the hotel room , he took shot at me , and I was right there / i swear bro, I felt down , that very night , I was half dead /cos I couldn’t sleep , i won’t lie ,couldn’t breath , I was damn scared / I wouldn’t speak , till the day , I threw the shot back , that was last year /
ni^^as said u change your line , but I already forgot that you gave me one / so anytime , I call ur old line , and you don’t pick , I just hate you more / wanna brag , you my cousin, & the next minute, I just frame it up / ni^^as said your label , had dropped you , i just tell them, its a fake rumors /
Cos truthfully, I don’t you , anymore , I was far way / out here , chasing dreams , day dreaming, that’s by the way / most times , I still feel , I’m fast asleep , when I’m wide awake / i drink , to ease the stress , and pick my pen , and write my pain/

An grandma ,still felt that , we still lived , in the same house / but every time , she ask me, I cook up a lie , for a way out / cos I love you , every night , before I go to bed , I say my prayers / them ni^^as , still asking me , what’s going on , with my brother /
All my life , I saw ni^^as, blow up , and then they switch sides / then we meet again , we laugh, and they all act like sh^t’s fine / when you fall , who you gon fall back to , in the meantime / that’s a food for thought , i gave too much f^^ks , like everyday was a meal time /
I know a lot is going on , and its hard , to see , from the outside / you got your problem , I got mine , it so clear, I see the bad signs / but God dey , very soon , our story gon be a past life / just keep on , believing , no be like pastor , wey go backslide /
This life , is a fairy tale , we die and be another man’s story book / you live by what you believe in , forgetting , every religion own its root / I pray, one day, you find peace in your heart to know the truth / we gon sell out tours , get awards , cos all my life you had showed me proof /
I believe in you , you believe in me , you my fan and am your Fan too / I had to go back to school , get a good grade , for my fam too / but sh^t got me stressed up , an education, got the best of me ,/ I hope you write me back , when you get this letter , yours truthfully /
All my life I gat your back , these ni^^as ain’t seen half of you yet. I believe in you. Dave

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