If You Got The Sense That God Gave You Lyrics

Song Details: If You Got The Sense That God Gave You Lyrics. The name of the song is Sense dat God gave you which is sung by Summer Walker & Sexyy Red.


[Verse 1: Summer Walker]
Bald head, scallywag, ain’t got no hair on my cat
If I don’t get my cheese, n^gga, 6ix9ine, you can call me a rat
I call your b^tch and blow up the spot
Ca-call the feds and blow up the trap
Everybody be goin’ to jail so I think it’s best that you call me back
It’s my money and I need it now, take it anyway and anyhow
You tryna hit this p^ssy, n^gga, I hope you got a few hundred thousands
Buy me bags and buy me shoes, you know exactly what to do
We speedin’ down 285
I’m high as f^^k and finna have a good time
[Chorus: Summer Walker]
Put that cash straight in my hand
If you got the sense that God gave you
Don’t leave me ’round your man
We finna tear down them mall
You know we got a plan
I drop the Perc in his drink
And I don’t give a damn

[Interlude: Sexyy Red, Summer Walker]
North side
No, no, sure don’t
North side

[Verse 2: Sexyy Red]
Bald head, scallywag
Lick between my booty crack
I’m a hoochie mama, slash hoodrat
Hoes head on me ’cause my coochie fat
Put a Perc-30 in my asshole, yo b^tch boring, she a lame hoe
I f^^k good and cap dough
Real ghetto b^tch with a bankroll
I wanna a dread head like Chief Keef
Put it on him, make him marry me
High box me in the SRT, ain’t no pullin’ over, we high speed
I’m stank walkin’ on my sexy sh^t
My back hurt ’cause I’m too thick
You my n^gga, that’s my d^ck, but if you go to jail, better call ya b^tch

[Chorus: Sexyy Red]
n^gga put that d^ck
Balls deep in my liver (Sexy, sexy)
If you got the sense that God gave you
Don’t leave me ’round your n^gga (Sexy, sexy)
He finna eat this ass
I made him spend them bands (Sex, sex)
Went through the p^ssy n^gga pockets
‘Cause he was too high to land (Sexy, sexy)

[Outro: Sexyy Red]
North side, north side
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know what the f^^k goin’ on
I got my b^tch Summer in this motherf^^ker with me
We on that hoochie mama sh^t
We don’t give a f^^k, you already know
We drop the kids off to their motherf^^kin’ grannies
Fed, washed up, you know, put to sleep
Outside, bouncin’ ass in the street
You know what I’m sayin’?
We out this b^tch

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