Obsessed With You Lyrics – Central Cee Ft. Pinkantheress

Song Details: Obsessed With You Lyrics. The song name is Obsessed With You which is sung by Central Cee ft. PinkPantheress.

Central Cee Obsessed With You Lyrics

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[Intro: PinkPantheress]
Your hair’s under my pillow so I sleep
And I’m dreaming of you leaving roses at my feet
I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe
When you wipe your tears do you wipe them just for me? (Me, me, me, me)

[Verse 1: Central Cee & PinkPatheress]
I hope a trap boy’s your type (Why?)
‘Cause I don’t have a 9-to-5 (Alright)
I get that your standard’s high
But I’m not a random guy, I’m different (Literally)
When I write my rhymes, you say you don’t like that line
I’ll switch it (Calm)
You said you don’t like my life, you said you don’t like my guys
You’re trippin’ (You’re trippin’)
I followed you, I followed you today, I was in my car (Alright)
I wanted to come see you from afar
If you turned around and saw me I would die
I pretend I was a person driving by

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