Omar Sterling Bright City Lights Lyrics

Song Details: Omar Sterling Bright City Lights Lyrics. The name of the song is Bright city lights which is sung by Omar Sterling (Paedae)

Omar Sterling Bright City Lights Lyrics

Beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success
There’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success

(Omar sterling
-verse 1)
Bright city lights what we do for the views
For the likes my nigga queue for the shoes
It really sad Ama thinks she ain’t pretty
Just ‘cos her Instagram likes are just a few
Look at you, are you serious? Just look at you
You are the being beautiful, I bet you never knew
Smile baby, be happy, dare might to do
The world will laugh at you but that ain’t an excuse
We all special trust we all unique
From the family’s black sheep to the fam’s relief
Focus on the focused dream and then believe
Now please let them know it’s ma time protectfully
Fire burn through ma heart comes out ma teeth
Fire burn in my eyes if you can see
I hit the jackpot six six six
I’m a f beast
We been eating still eating, it’s f feast
Put your phone down, let’s read some books
Sabi boy think life is all about the looks
Every song straight bars we never worry ’bout the hooks
Mr Sterling just like Carter so misunderstood

I like your freckles, girl you just perfect
Never let someone tell you you not worth it
Be proud of you, love yourself that’s life’s purpose
And I love you
I hope that helps

We bringing it back –the 90’s flow back
I mean PaeDae the Problem put the mixtape on the map
Every song I drop staright in the f chart
Those that slept on me admit that it was just a nap
Oh oh, well, let me teach you how to rap
I’m always an ATL, I can teach you how to dab
Every soul in ma city, f with me hard
And you know we’re about the high life so we will always stay on top
We stay untouchable like the porcupine
And you don’t need to be told you just have to read betwwen the lines
I’m gettin’ better with time like the fine wine
I don’t get it
Why would society crucify a man for tryin’?
I mean we do the crime, we gladly do the time
150% of ma grind’ you can never stop my shine
Allahu akbar
If you don’t know it means God is Great
Cos we not only eatin’ we puttin’ food on others’ plate
I won’t lie these cats are good but I’m a GOAT
You know the Greatest Of All Time, in all modesty I never spoke
So just sit calm and sail these waves like a boat
Cos their stories untold I mean raps are never wrote
Raps that will cut a rapper’s throat
You’re a baller, I’m a coach so don’t even try to provoke
You’re a baller, I’m a coach call me samalladyce
We run the game you are a player you just here to play dice

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