Song Details: Re Bawree Lyrics are written by Hussain Haidry with music given by Govind Vasantha. The song name is Re Bawree which is sung by Prarthana Indrajith & Govind Vasantha

Re Bawree Lyrics

Re Bawre Teri chao re
Jag ghum
Re Bawre me kho jau
Jag ghum

Nind na lage
Raina jage

Oh Sudh Budh ko bhul bhi do
Jao re baware
Bandke di Per ke ni jaye

Pal Pal pile rag rag nile paye baware
Man prkhaye tan parkhye ye mane baware

Re baware Teri chao re
jag ghum
Re baware me kho jaye
Jhag ghum

Lyrics Written By: Hussain Haidry

Re Bawree Lyrics Music Video

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