Scoop There It Is Commercial Lyrics

Song Details: Scoop There It Is Commercial Lyrics. Who wants to watch a Geico commercial featuring a beloved Clinton-era hip-hop track with new lyrics about scooping ice cream?

Everybody does! So … whoomp! Here it is:

Scoop There It Is Commercial Lyrics

The Martin Agency updated the 1993 party classic “Whoomp! (There It Is)” and cast original hitmakers Tag Team in the ad. Part of Geico’s long-running “What Are You Waiting For?” campaign, the remake takes place in a suburban kitchen, and the rappers prepare sundaes.

“French vanilla,
Rocky road,
Chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough!
Scoop! There it is!
Scoop! There it is!
Shaka-laka! Shaka-laka!
Choco-laka! Choco-laka!”

Versions of the earworm previously powered spots for Android, Outback and Walmart, but this marks Tag Team’s first on-camera commercial appearance.

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