Scribz Riley I Lied Lyrics

Song Details: Scribz Riley I Lied Lyrics. The name of the song is I Lied which is sung by Scribz Riley.

Scribz Riley I Lied Lyrics

Remember when I said I was out with my n^^gas
Had let my house in a minute
Ain’t invite you I just hoped that you visit
Made me sad when you didn’t
See the smoke in the air upon the bridges
Booked a flight, I had a one way ticket to heaven
Then I came back to my senses

Get my sh^t together, don’t know how to
Thinking about the day that I found you
Remember when I said I am happier without you

I lied
I lied
Said I’m alright
I was just fine but it’s all lies
I lied

There’s just somеthing about the truth that don’t feel right
At least this way I know I sleep at night
Can you blame I just want somе peace of mind
If I say I’m alright
Then I lied

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