Still Spice Talkin Lyrics

Song Details: Still Spice Talkin Lyrics. The name of the song is Still Spice Talkin which is sung by Rio Da Yung OG

Still Spice Talkin Lyrics

[Intro: Rio Da Yung OG]
(Did this one)
(Did this one)
(Yeah, Baby, you did this one)

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG]
Me and E talkin’ big shit professionally
Bit^h, I’m somewhere gettin’ money, don’t question me
Took the book off the Wock’ pint, I need the recipe
Yeah, I think this eight a lil’ short, remeasure me
Just dropped a lil’ Bit^h , she called her bro, but he scared of me
I always get the red cheap when me and granny meet
I’ll shoot this Bit^h from anywhere like I’m Danny Green
She always give me top, she ain’t never got no head from me
I shop on one side of the set, I don’t skywalk
Just seen a opp strollin’, now that Ni^^a in the sky walkin’
My bag probably short ’cause today, I been high ballin’
Ni^^a ran his mouth and got shot, he died talkin’
Gucci jeans and Louis Vuitton pants I don’t buy Balmain
Don’t know what dawg drive, bro, just shoot at every white Charger
We got the city hot from doin’ all that spice talkin’
Bit^h , shut the fu^k up when me, E, and Mike talkin’

[Verse 2: RMC Mike]
Yeah, okay, it’s my turn
Ni^^a amateur at cookin’ dope, he let the pot burn
Pull up on your ass with the chop, the clip got a curve
I heard you told that Bit^h that I was broke, boy, you got some nerves
Rio dropped big 41, shit, mine’s next
New Bit^h bad as hell, she got fine s^x
My ex- Bit^h tried to double back, I declined that
Today, I’m feelin bougie, ayy, boo, where the wine at?
I be lyin’ to my Bit^h face when I tell the truth
I heard you out here tellin’ on your mans, I’m scared of you
Ni^^a can’t bite what I be sayin’, got an extra tooth
Feds might come and pick us up for talkin’ very loose
Whole team doin’ good, we worked our ass off
Doc, I need an eight of red, I got a bad cough
Chillin’ in the trap with my fiend drinkin’ Mad Dog
Finesse a Ni^^a Bit^h for the head and then stab off

[Verse 3: GrindHard E]
Fu^ked up, gave a Bit^h my number, she won’t stop callin’
Fell out with my Ni^^a , he had some drank, now I gotta call him
Ain’t got no dope, fiends keep callin’, now I gotta stall ’em
Told my Bit^h to go get some syrup, ’cause she won’t stop coughin’
Ni^^a play with me, he might as well go buy a coffin
Shot a Ni^^a house up, everybody in the house crawlin’
But I’m the type to shoot a couple shots ’til I see ’em fallin’
It’s hard for me to record a whole verse when all sales keep callin’
Almost didn’t serve Ashley ’cause I don’t see her often
Tina said the dope straight drop, that it made her vomit
Anybody bring up spice talk, they gotta pay us homage
My white boy thought he bought some Vics but he got Naproxen

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