Stop Good God Man Lyrics

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Stop Good God Man Lyrics

good god, man
you almost got the cheese touch!

i got cheese on my d^ck
she lick it off, nasty b^tch
i got sp^^m on my wrist
open wide, i gotta p^ss
cooking those beans in the kitchen, ayy
peter’s on duty we [?]
kirby so fluffy i got a small chick
5 out of 10 no abraham lincoln
your granny, she wore this coat
i gotta p^ss, b^tch, open your mouth
why are my b^tches so muh’f^cking loud
fattest f^cks in the west, not in the south
i squeeze on my nuts like some lemonade
i’ve been beating my d^ck for, like, seven days
i got my swag on, no [?]
when bill cosby is free, imma yell hooray

kidnap your b^tch, then she s^^k on my nuts
i got two shots and i’m ready to bust
our chirag gupta, he was from a book
can’t f^ck a tranny ’cause they got the cheese touch
i got a gun and i’m going to school
do the nae^nae and drive in the pool
f^ck that b^tch mol¢, a muh’f^cking tool
won’t f^ck your mom ’cause she look like a ghoul
i’m covered in drip from my head to my toe
f^ck you, b^tch, i ain’t playin’ a show
she asked for my number, i told that b^tch, “no”
i would go and f^ck her, but she only fo’
f^ck them g^y n^gg^s, they could all s^^k a d^ck
if they tryna s^^k mine, then i’m ripping a clip
pull down my pa^ts, then i take a fat sh^t
got my d^ck in box, call me jeffy

stop, oh, god, man, almost got the cheese touch
whippin’ the whip, [?] touching these nuts
same women dip when i click in your b^tch
i can hide long as the eye can see, bruh
never trust a b^tch, never have a whole sh^t
on god, never lackin’ on some real trap sh^t
no sh^t, now sit, now i’m grabbin’ on her t^ts
where i’m dope, and her kids [?] licquorice
spotlight, moonlight, come and treat a b^tch right
disregard a b^tch like an empty bag of chips
got me trippin’ on some sh^t, shoot a kid with a glock, tick, tock
on your back [?] can i rhyme? can a [?] eat a lime, shoot a hen?

good god, man
you almost got the cheese touch