Brynn Cartelli If I Could Lyrics

Song Details: Brynn Cartelli If I Could Lyrics. The name of the song is If I Could which is sung by Brynn Cartelli.

Brynn Cartelli If I Could Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
He only calls you pretty
When he puts his hands on your body
When he’s drunk with his friends after nights that don’t end
I just wish he’d come home from that party
You’ve got these big brown eyes
You’ve got the perfect smile
But you’re a dreamer, you think that he’s a keeper
But he’s just a waste of time

You don’t wanna let him down
You don’t see the higher ground

If I could, If I could take your place
Then I would, then I would walk away
But I’ll be your shoulder to cry on
Wipe the tеars from your eyes
If I could do it for you
Then I would say goodbyе

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