Hotter Than A Sauna Song Lyrics

Song Details: Hotter Than A Sauna Song Lyrics. The name of the song is My Story which is sung by Mike Dimes

Hotter Than A Sauna Song Lyrics

Hotter than a sauna
I got more bucks, got more white than a bi^^h named Madonna
Lil’ ni^^a, come check my status
Mike ain’t never been average, I make it happen
Give me a bag, I’ma pack it
When I get mad, my chain get pi^^ed
When I get sad, my ears shed tears
Been in the game three years
It’s takin’ a while ’cause’ I’m pure
I’m better than them, I’m sick, no cure
Bonafide ni^^as don’t have no fear
Rick Ross, my pants make me look like a pear
Made two bands up in two minutes
My music make money slide

When I leave, make bi^^hes go suicide
When I got in the game, I got crucified
I ain’t take no handouts, ni^^a
Why you got your hand out, ni^^a?
I’m flyer than any bird of a feather
You focused on bi^^hes? Bruh, get it together
She tryna crease these lemon pepper steppers (Uh-uh)
Almost put the ho on a strecher (Uh-huh)
Got five missed calls, won’t text her (Uh-uh)
Lil’ shawty always been extra (Uh-huh)
This all-wheel drive, no Tesla (No Tesla)
I run this game, come catch up
Step on somethin’ apply that pressure
ni^^as mad, but I can’t help ’em

I’ma just tell my story
This DLOG, no man above me
I wake up on bubbly
ni^^as mad ’cause I get money
Leave my house, they tried to jump me
This no lie, this a true story
All I do is chase the glory
Me and fye like Rick and Morty

These ni^^as be pocket watchin’
Can’t say sh^t, ’cause I’m twenty in the 2020 (Vroom)
Movin’ work in that Challenger (Challenger)
While your bi^^h givin’ brain from the passenger (The passenger)
ni^^as can’t keep up with me unless I let ’em
He gon’ trust that bi^^h unless I tell him
Promise your homie is not your real homie
You think that’s your homie? Then go ‘head and test him (On God)
Take her on a trip (Trip), put it on her lip (Her lip)
Watch how young ni^^as get drip
I got some baby mamas tryna strip (On gang)
I got some young ni^^as tryna clip (On gang)

Thought we was homies, now you below me
It’s funny that pu^^y can make ni^^as phony
It’s funny that money can make ni^^as ho me, hold on (What you say to ’em, though?)
But like I said, Double Lamb OG
All my ni^^as got beats, they eat
Yeah, Mike Dimes don’t do no feats
Before one time, I slide G3
Yeah, my whip don’t got no keys
Yeah, my bi^^h don’t got no weave
All my ni^^as throw up L
But this no loss, this sh^t low-key

I get back, I get it back
I get a bag, I get a backend
I won’t trip, ’cause I’m never lackin’
I get a brick and make it a fraction
I get it lit, I make it lit
I get it lit, I get it litty
Ain’t no mark gon’ have me slippin’
But this Glock gon’ turn you to Ricky, that’s on God
These ni^^as be fraud, these ni^^as don’t rob
These ni^^as be talkin’ ’bout all that cap (On gang)
These ni^^as be timid, these ni^^as ain’t with it
I send him the addy, he gone off the map
I come through quick, come through quick
The minute you drops, make fiends relapse
This Glock my fan, this bi^^h gon’ clap
I feel like NAV, I’ma tap, tap, tap

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