Idk If I Want Her Or Her Her In A Dress Or Her In A Skirt Lyrics

Song Details: Idk If I Want Her Or Her Her In A Dress Or Her In A Skirt Lyrics. The name of the song is Work which is sung by WillThaRapper

Idk If I Want Her Or Her Her In A Dress Or Her In A Skirt Lyrics

Gang, haha
Solo rapping, n

[Verse 1]
This b wants some work, guess that’s why she tryna flirt
Her hands in my pants, she wants my hand up her skirt
She topping so lovely while I’m speeding, make me skrrt
She my lil’ b but if she leave I won’t be hurt
‘Cause I don’t got b , b got me (They do)
She said she got man, well, b , it’s not me
They say they don’t catch feelings, then they always shock me
I run it up and watch my n copy
b tryna clock me, but I’m only out here cheating with the street
Getting money I ain’t creeping in these streets
I ain’t beefing in the Tweets
Sad to say, I’m still beefing in the streets
Why I gotta keep a heater in my briefs
But right now it’s on the dresser, ’cause I got your b
She up in ma briefs, hit that as up, I won’t see her for a week
s , we hardly ever speak, ’cause her n not my man, he a fan
She don’t want his as to find out I be slayin’
I just f when he at work, work, work, work, work
I hope he don’t perp, perp, perp, perp, perp
I will fold him in the dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt
He slow, go go berzerk, zerk, zerk, zerk, zerk
Shoot him in the head, one time for the one time (Whoop)
Diss me, I’ma swing, fa punchline (f ’em)
f school time, I was hungry in the lunch line
And now a n eatin’ good, like it’s lunchtime
And my squad all up nah, really though (Squad)
Go be the realest n running through your city though
And we be cooling, we don’t trip, I’m not skinny though
‘Cause I might pull up and take your b , pop a wheelie, Mo (Skrrt)
b love a n though, now ’cause the buzz up
When we was broke, remember they ain’t never loved us (Since when)
b in the club showing love, they walk up like, “That’s Will”
Pipe down, right, shawty, like you real tight
Say you wanna club, probably wanna have a real night
I’m like, what we doing? She like whatever you feel like
And she had a as in a dress that was real tight
I don’t think she plotting but I’m watching cause she still might
So we left the club, told her, “We gon’ have a chill night”
Took her to the squad house, and gave her as some real pipe
It’s time to block her number now, shawty ain’t the chill type
Double text me everyday, now I know she real type

Look, she got her as work, work, work, work, work
Hello? Hello? No, I’ma call you back
Hey, squad, double SL (SSL) chill man
Its WillThaRapper, n
f wrong with her

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