Michael Jackson Covid 19 Song Lyrics

Song Details : Michael Jackson Covid 19 Song Lyrics.

Michael Jackson Covid 19 Song Lyrics

She told me she got covid19
She can hardly breathe
I told her she should stay
back 6ft I’m not the one

Wear a mask, spreadin germs all around
She told me she left her skinny jeans
By my bathroom sink
I said girl wait don’t touch anything
Put on some gloves

People always told me, this cough is just the flu
And the news just spreadin lies in out hearts

And mother always told me
Don’t wear just one glove
Maybe you should wear two

Covid19 has been discovered ah
It’s just a ploy the government uses for fun
So got this out my lungs

Oohh, they just use it for fun
No sickness in my lungs

It feels like 340 weeks we been quarantined ah,
I ask my girl she said it’s been 3
What have they done?

Stayin home, stayin bored inda house
So take my strong advice
Clean your house down with clorox wipes
Clorox wipes, clorox wipes

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