She a Thought My Little Baby Lyrics

Song Details: She a Thought My Little Baby Lyrics. The name of the song is With My Hoe which is sung by C2D

She a Thought My Little Baby Lyrics

Got a thing on my ho
Keep that thing with my ho
Man, I swing with my ho
Who are you? Not my bro
Not my bro, she my ho
She my ho, broke my heart
Broke my heart, oh my God
She a thot, yeah, on God
Yeah, on God, he a fraud
Smoke some grams, boy, I’m fried
Lil’ shawty wanna love on me
Aye, shawty, you in love with me
Baby girl, you wanna be with me?
Baby girl, what you see in me?
Halo world, where I always be
Rule the world, where I always be
I keep a pole where I always be
Who are you? Girl, you annoy me
Who are you? You don’t know me
Want real love? Girl, show me
I sing a sad song with my ho
Do the dance, yeah, with my ho
I got bands, yeah, I got more
I got bands, they for my ho
I got friends, yeah, what they for
I got friends, they turn to foes
She told me she on go
Where you hide at, boy, where?
Where you stay at, boy, where?
Where you be at, boy, where?
I got sticks, boy, beware
Yeah, she play in my hair
Yeah, she all in my head
Yeah, she gon’ give me head
And I’m better off dead
And she wants to go rest
I am better than the rest
Watch me count up these checks
I been in the hills lately
Baby, can I call you baby?

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