Welcome To The Back Yes Come To The Back Lyrics

Song Details: Welcome to the Back Yes Come to the Back Lyrics. The name of the song is Robotics which is sung by ZaeHD & CEO .

Welcome to the Back Yes Come to the Back Lyrics

Them hits don’t make no sense

[Verse 1: CEO]
Ayy, what you wanna be when you grow up? (When you grow up)
Got a white b^^ch sniffin’ on coca
Look at my watch, yeah, it froze up
Flip a brick, make her do the hocus-pocus (Flip it)
Ooh, wait, I got it (I got it)
Two b^^ches, one Audi (One Audi)
Foreign, exotic (Skrrt)
Only used to robotics (Damn)
All of my diamonds, they shinin’, they white like albino
I keep my Rollie perfect timing (Phew, phew, phew)
I keep me a rhino, got green like I’m GEICO (Pow)
Get head in a Tahoe, she think that I’m psycho
Uh, no, yeah, young n^^ga fresh off the boat (Off the boat)
With your main b^^ch on the coast (Ooh)
Pull all the racks out the coat (Racks)
I got the thang with a scope

[Verse 2: ZaeHD]
Uh, yes, uh, yes, I got stacks, I got stacks
You’re a Dell, you’re a Dell, I’m a Mac, I’m a Mac
It’s a problem, it’s a problem, call my slatts, call my slatts
I want all of them (All of them), come to the back (Yes)
Come to the back (Yes), I’m gon’ beat her back (Bow, bow)
And my pops used to ride in that f^^kin’ Pontiac (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
And you know when I drive, my seats lean to the back (Lean)
Stop rentin’ all these cars ’cause all these n^^gas cap, ooh (These n^^gas cap, these n^^gas cap)
Uh, I ball like a Laker
When I was a kid we used to play hot potato (Hot, hot)
I’m Lightning McQueen and your boyfriend, he is Mater (Mater)
My chain is so heavy, you would think it was an anchor (Uh, uh)
Chain swangin’, please don’t come around with all that playin’ (Nah)
Slide in her DM, next thing I know, I am slayin’ (Huh)
Took her out to eat, all she wanted was some Cajun (Mmm, mm)
And they say that black don’t crack, but, n^^ga you are agin’ (Huh, yeah)

[Verse 3: CEO]
B^^ch, I’m Max Payne (B^^ch, I’m Max Payne), b^^ch, you Curtis Payne (B^^ch, you Curtis Payne)
Askin’ for my at name, she tryna get slain
Used to have dreams steppin’ in the NBA (Swish, swish)
But now I got assistants holdin’ on that briefcase (Holdin’ on that briefcase)
Check the moonlight (Moonlight), wrist on strobe light (Gleam)
B^^ch, don’t be extra, you can catch the next flight (Flown)
Go to paradise (Paradise), we get eye to eye (Eye to eye)
Foreign switch sides (Skrrt), rockstar lifestyle
Runnin’, runnin’, go, go, money up under the stove (On the stove)
In the Mazi, I’m doin’ the most (Skrrt, skrrt), and that b^^ch came with a remote
CEO is not a human, obviously (No)
Take your sh^t entirely (Yeah), leave your a^s in poverty (Uh, yeah, ooh)

[Outro: CEO]
Ayy, yeah, gang, gang
Yeah (What, what), ayy (Uh, uh), huh, gang, what
Yeah, I can pull up (Ayy), yeah, what
What they gon’ do? (Yeah, ooh)
Yeah, ooh, ayy, yeah

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